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Faith Rumer

Empower Your Voice
Connect Authentically
Unleash Your Greatness 

Inspiring Leaders, Organizations &
Creative Professionals
 to powerfully get
 their ideas, talents and message
out into the world!

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Powerfully getting your ideas, talents and message out to the world, and creating a successful and purposeful life you love!


Your Voice and Message Matters!


Powerfully Express. Connect Authentically.

Grow Your Influence. Unleash Your Greatness.

My Mission: Empowering creative professionals, leaders, messengers, and organizations to find and use the power of their authentic voice, so they can create dynamic and effective communication, raise their impact, successfully get their talents and message heard, and thrive.

For over 30 years, I've helped thousands of creative people and leaders. In our work together, I have witnessed their profound transformation. They finally release their self-judgments and doubts, truly value their own voice and gifts, and create the life they want.

As a transformational speaker, singer, songwriter, life coach and author, I am committed to using my own voice to make a difference in our world.

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"When we consciously and authentically share our talents, ideas, and creativity, we raise our impact to positively change our lives and the world around us." - Faith

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Faith Rumer has performed for over 250,000 people and has moved audiences around the world with her inspiring Keynote Talks, concerts and positive music.

Faith has shared the stage with inspirational, motivational icons Marianne Williamson and Michael Beckwith. Faith has also performed along side music legends, David Foster, Rod Stewart and Earth Wind and Fire. Believing we must use our gifts to make a difference in the world, Faith traveled to Sydney Australia to headline a concert to raise money for orphanages in Napal.

A transformational speaker, author, singer-songwriter and coach, Faith is the founder of RAISE MY IMPACT, where she coaches leaders, messengers and creative professionals to develop and trust their expressive voice, overcome their self-doubt and take empowered action to share their gifts and talents with the world.

As a corporate speech and voice consultant, Faith coaches NBC TV hosts, world-class CEOs and entrepreneurs, podcast hosts and YouTube TV stars. Also a singing and acting coach, Faith works with Academy Award-winning actors and Grammy-winning recording artists. A successful entrepreneur, Faith owns and operates her voice and acting studio, The Artist First. She has over three decades of personal professional experience as an inspirational speaker, singer and actor.

Faith holds a Masters Degree in Speech Pathology from Cal State University, Los Angeles. A guest lecturer in professional voice at Cal State University, Long Beach and at LA City College, Faith is also a faculty member at AMDA College, LA. A licensed Spiritual Counselor, for 15 years she served as the musical director and co-facilitator of The Agape International Spiritual Center’s Sunday evening service.

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ENGAGE & INSPIRE: Find Your Authentic Voice, Become An Awesome Communicator, and
Create Your Impact

  • ​Find and empower your true voice to create a culture of meaningful and powerful business and personal communication

  • Create a focused presence & raise your impact in presentations and meetings

  • Up-level your emotional intelligence to connect more deeply and authentically with your teams, and inspire your audience

  • Learn The 3 Pillars of Confident Communication to be truly seen and heard

Outcomes: Increased opportunities, maximizing potential, enhanced leadership skills

Leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs and even speakers often struggle with sharing their voice. They struggle with sharing what's inside them, their passion, gifts, talents, the book they want to write, their ideas at a meeting, the coaching program or business they want to create.

Effective communication is a critical component of leadership, entrepreneurship and expanding your influence. Attendees will learn strategies for inspiring and motivating others. Faith will not only inspire you, but give you tools to find your voice and speaking power, so you can gain the confidence and skills you need to dynamically move your audience into action and get your passion and talents out into the world.


Faith's original songs and  amazing inspirational stories, along with her dynamic presence and voice takes you on a heartfelt, transformative journey.Tapping into over 30 years of coaching creatives and leaders to get out of their own way, and get their gifts and talents out to the world, Faith shares her own engaging journey of finding her own voice, and discovering how to  use her talents and gifts to create change in her life and with her clients. She then guides you into how to find and use your own voice to create long term success in your work and career.

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Living Beyond Waiting:
The 3 Keys to Create a Purposeful & Thriving Life

  • ​​Discover the steps to finally stop living in waiting or survival mode 

  • Learn how to transform your challenges to energy and enthusiasm

  • Unleash your potential and cultivate your authentic abundant life

Outcomes: Increased motivation, maximizing potential, long-term fulfillment

So many people feel like they're destined for something different, that there is more of life to be lived and they want to find that. In this talk Faith will not only inspire you, but give you the tools you need to stop merely surviving and claim your ability to thrive. 

Faith's original songs and  amazing inspirational stories, along with her dynamic presence and voice takes you on a heartfelt, transformative journey.

Tapping into over 30 years of coaching creatives and leaders to get out of their own way, and get their gifts and talents out to the world, Faith shares her own engaging journey of finding her own voice, and discovering how to  use her talents and gifts for change. She then inspirationally guides you into the 3 keys you can use right now to create a life that you truly want.


Unlock Your Creative Genius

  • Get inspired to activate your most powerful gifts and talents

  • Discover techniques to quiet your inner critic for good

  • Learn how to free yourself from the trap of perfection

Outcomes: Increased confidence, taking inspired action towards creative goals, up-leveled creative output

Studies show that when we activate our creativity we experience increased  productivity, more opportunities for growth and expansion, and ultimately more joy in our lives.

You have your own unique creative fingerprint. It's your own unique expression. If you're feeling stuck, bored and even fearful, chances are you're not trusting that voice.

The Inner Critic voice and the drive for perfection can derail our inspiration and creative output and keep us from sharing our gifts and talents. Trying to be perfect is setting the unattainable goal to be flawless – to not fail. It is an atomic bomb that  keeps us from being as great as we are. We are chasing a ghost.  If it goes on long enough, we often fall into depression, inactivity and fear.

In this empowering talk Faith expertly guides you to discover how truly being yourself and celebrating your own creative gifts is the key to living an inspired life. 

Faith shares her own vulnerability, her original songs, and tells  amazing inspirational stories. Her dynamic presence, her voice and songs will inspire and empower you to leave this talk willing to take action in your own life and finally let go of your doubts, commit to your dream and unlock your own Creative Genius


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Thrive Through Uncertainty:
Empower Your Voice & Transform Emotional Overloa
In-person or Virtual

This Workshop will empower your teams with...

  • Techniques to create impact and deliver authentic communication

  • How to release disruptive feelings to manage stress emotional burnout

  • How to redirect and focus positive energy to take forward, productive action



  • Greater Focused Presence & Impact in presentations and meetings 

  • Increased Confidence as ideas are effectively communicated & heard

  • More Positive Communication leading to building bonds within teams.

  • Increased Productivity as employees feel valued, seen and heard

  • Positive Culture as emotional overload is diffused & successfully managed 

  • Greater Emotional Intelligence in all Interpersonal Communications

  • Increased Bottom Line with valuable Employee Retention & satisfaction 

Knowing when to speak up, and when to listen, feeling confident in your own voice, effectively expressing yourself and having self-control over your emotions creates a powerful culture of cooperation, and a strong foundation for leaders, teams and employees to thrive.

We can learn to change, work on, and empower our voice and speech, and gain self-control over our emotions even under stress. In this dynamic virtual or in-person workshop, Faith expertly leads your teams through an interactive, supportive, out-of-the-box experience.


This workshop is designed to get you out of the head and connected to your physical body, so you can empower your voice, learn to stay present, and self-regulate your emotions instead of constantly fighting them or suppressing them.

Faith will guide you through her ground breaking proven Find Your Voice Technique and the Emotional Empowerment Process that will change your ability to successfully move through challenges, increase performance and productivity, earn you greater respect, and create more happiness and fulfillment.


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Activating Creativity In the Workspace
In-person or Virtual

Creativity: Turning new and imaginative ideas into reality

  • How to ignite & implement your unique creative ideas

  • Cultivate your creative skills & confidence in new ways

  • Up-level creative teamwork, trust and communication


  • Increased Innovation in exploring creativity & encouraging fresh ideas

  • Ability to Thrive through rapid change as creativity nurtures adaptability

  • Competitive Advantage with new creative ideas being implemented

  • Greater Problem Solving Ability for solutions to complex challenges

  • Enhanced Productivity with creative improvements in efficiency & workflow

  • Positive Company Culture - a creative work environment fosters collaboration

  • Talent Attraction & Retention - creative environments attract top talents

  • Personal Growth - fulfillment at work as employees develop creative skills 

Studies show that increased creativity leads to more productivity. About 60% of the CEOs polled by a major tech company cited creativity as the most important leadership quality, compared with 52% for integrity and 35% for global thinking.


In this dynamic virtual or in-person workshop, Faith expertly leads you through an interactive, supportive, out-of-the-box experience devoted to expanding creative intelligence, both professionally and personally.


Using inspirational and practical techniques for staying creative, working more productively, fostering teamwork and building vision for your organization.

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Aaron Speiser
(Acting Coach) - Will Smith, Virginia Madsen, Jennifer Lopez and Gerard Butler

“Faith Rumer is without doubt the finest voice and dialect coach I’ve had the pleasure of working with in my 40 years in the business. Her passion, skill and techniques are simple and extremely effective. She works with the best because she is the best!”

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Horecee St.Cyr, Interstellar Media/ Producer at BET & MTV

"As an entrepreneur, I can either leave the room signing a lucrative deal or leave empty handed. Faith coached me into pitching my ideas with confidence, clarity, charisma and poise."

Simone Seremet

“As a writer and an artist, I spend a lot of my time alone engaged in the creative process. I have always wanted to be able to express myself better in public and talk about my art more confidently. Faith opened up for me a whole new world of expression. I am now a more engaging, empowered, confident speaker. She truly is an outstanding coach and speaker!”

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